3 Series Dual – Twin Flat Switch – 3 Element

3 Series Dual – Twin Flat Switch – 3 Element


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The 3 Series Dual – Twin Flat Membrane Seat Heater offers three temperature options with a square flat membrane switch for each seat. This model has two complete seat heaters in one kit that only requires a single power controller. Each seat has their own switch that allows each passenger to be able to control heat for each seat  individually. The system also includes a one-hour safety shut-off option.

This 3 element system is recommended for applications where there is a restriction in the cushion of the passenger seat (LUMBAR ONLY)– i.e. a sensor located on top of the foam bun. Installing an aftermarket heating element on top of a sensor can trigger the airbag alarm or altar airbag release. Please refer to our Selection Guide or contact our Aftermarket Specialist to determine if your vehicle has any restrictions before ordering.

The kit includes:

  • Heating Elements for Two Seats – Lumbar & Cushion Elements for the driver, Lumbar Element for the passenger side.
  • Two Square Flat Membrane Switches (High, Medium, Low, Off)
  • Switch Harness
  • Electronic Control Module
  • Power Harness
  • Power Connection Hardware Pack
  • Installation Instructions
  • Warranty Card


Additional information

Series 3 Dual Options

3 Element w/(2) Round Switches, 3 Element w/(2) Single Flat Switches, 3 Element w/Joined Flat Membrane Switches, 4 Element w/(2) Round Switches, 4 Element w/(2) Single Flat Switches, 4 Element w/Joined Flat Membrane Switches


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